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Francois hiking

ABOUT Francois

Francois Fourie was born and raised in South Africa, and from an early age realised that he was passionate about both travel and photography. Setting off at the age of 18 he travelled the world for 10 years, exploring and taking thousands of photos. Arriving back in South Africa Francois became an adventure tour guide, guiding small groups across many countries in Southern Africa.

Francois settled in Tasmania in 2003, where he works part-time as an IT technician by day, full-time dad, and Landscape photographer by every other scrap of time. On the weekends you will most likely find him scaling up a mountain, or exploring the rugged wilderness of the beautiful state.

He is an accomplished night sky and subterranean photographer and was heavily involved in the first midwinter Aurora Festival where he lead photography workshops.

Francois’ photos have featured in many publications including Australian Geographic magazine, Tasmanian Geographic, Aurora Chasers handbook, Tasmania 40 degrees South, and Lume Magazine. Last year he took out the overall photography prize at the Tasmanian Night Sky Photography Awards.

His amazing photos of the Tasmanian night sky including shots of the Aurora Australis and many gorgeous landscapes can be viewed on the Tasmania Go Behind The Scenery magazine.

ABC open worked with Francois to create a short documentary about Aurora Chasing, and can be seen here: 

Francois is on the leading edge of layer-stacking, ultra-long exposures, and noise reduction technologies, and has a technical skillset that is unparalleled, world class low-light photography. 

Some of his phenomenal caving photography can be seen here. 

Francois once said that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then what will 65 000 pictures tell you? Using timelapse photography as the medium, he used state of the art motion control equipment to create the stunningly beautiful timelapse piece called Tumultuous Tasmania. Months and months of hard work went into the creation of this vision and his objective was simply to "showcase the beauty of Tasmania through my passion for photography” You can see his brilliant TimeLapse movie depicting the beauty of Tasmania on Vimeo

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